ScriptCraft is the ultimate programming game where players compete for control of a simulated network of nodes.

ScriptCraft is quick and easy to learn, and it is played right in the browser.

For those new to programming, it is a great fun way to start learning. Or for the seasoned engineer, playing at work can make it look like you are actually getting work done!

Once you have a free account, the docs have step by step tutorials on how to play.

What's In Store?

ScriptCraft is still in development and will likely be under development for quite some time.

Currently the ScriptCraft language is like a mix between PHP and Unix scripting. This is fairly intentional. My long term goal is to make ScriptCraft object oriented but still have that unix like feel.

Personally, my favorite languages are C++, PHP, JS, and Assembly. I love object oriented programming too.

Other long term goals include adding graphical elements. Some things also being considered are some more RTS/RPG battling elements.

Something Missing?

If you still have any questions, or comments, then let me know via one of the methods below.

Pay-to-Win Disclaimer

I personally dislike games with the freemium model, and I had no intentions of making purchasable items or upgrades. I don't like the idea of players being able to get ahead by spending money. My original intent for this game was being free to play and all progress having to come from players writing code. However, I do require food and an unhealthy amount of coffee to survive. This is why players have the one time option to upgrade to a l33t account and get a private node of their own. I look at this like the equivalent of purchasing the game, it is nothing like a subscription or purchasing coins, gems, or etc.

Want Social Stuffs?

I am painfully open to feedback. Positive preferred, but any is appreciated. The email option goes directly to my phones email, which I check very often. Below are also links to my twitch and twitter accounts. Feel free to follow me on either, though my use of these technologies is more or less random.

Want Icons?

Larger icons made by Lorc. Available on http://game-icons.net (Example: homepage)
Smaller icons are from font awesome. Available on http://fontawesome.io (Example: right there in red)

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